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eLite 2ML Salt Nic Disposables

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eLite 2ml is considered a double device with it long lasting life.
FLAVORS: Icy Grape | Pink Melon | Robust Tobacco | Lemon Ice | Double Mint

Double Mint:
Double Mint is a cool, crisp, and refreshing blend of spearmint and peppermint, with just the slightest undertones of sweetness to round off the exhale. Brisk and rejuvenating, this is a genuinely enjoyable flavor.

Icy Grape:
One of the flagships within the series, Icy Grape is a smooth and enlivening blend that seems to get better with every draw. On the inhale, you will enjoy the sweet taste of fresh grapes, while the exhale brings you a kick of cool menthol, for a refreshing finish unlike anything you have tried.

Lemon Ice:
Lemon Ice has received rave reviews by fans worldwide, as this masterful blend combines the zestiness of fresh, juicy lemons with a blast of refreshing menthol. You will appreciate the balance between the various notes, as well as the invigorating sensation this delight affords.

Pink Melon:
If you are looking for a fresh, sweet, and genuinely flavorful fruit flavor, then Pink Melon is the one for you. Every draw of this delight floods your taste buds with the essence of refreshing watermelons with an added twist. Smooth and satisfying, the moment you first try Pink Melon, you will realize why it has been so popular.

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